"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied." 




I’m on a mission to empower YOU 

so you can regain control of your health!


Did you know that the word “doctor” comes from the latin root docere, which means “to teach”?


But how many times do you walk away from a visit with your doctor feeling empowered with the knowledge and tools you need to rebuild your health?  I'm going to guess rarely...or you wouldn't be reading this right now!  


That was my experience too, and I'm here to offer you a different approach...



My passion is to spend time understanding YOU—where you are now and how you got here—so I can share nutrition, lifestyle and supplement strategies that will support your particular needs and health goals.


In fact, I want you to experience so much improvement and feel so equipped at navigating your day-to-day health that you no longer need me!  (For real!)


Ready to let me help you?




Before your initial visit, I take time to review your detailed Health Questionnaire, research, and brainstorm so I have a solid understanding of what you’re dealing with, what your health goals are, and how to best assist you.


During the Initial Health Consultation, we will discuss your story in even greater detail.  I’ll clarify what you’ve already shared and gather additional information.   




My goal is to help you understand how your health issues are connected, how your daily choices are impacting you, and which changes and natural therapies you can incorporate to create significant and lasting improvement. 


  • You are ready to be empowered and take control of your health

  • You are willing to make dietary and lifestyle modifications

  • You want to address the root cause(s) of your health imbalances and aren’t looking for quick fixes or a “bandaid approach”

  • You are interested in cultivating genuine, lasting health and understand that a long-term commitment to rebuilding your health will yield the greatest results

  • You understand the importance of investing in yourself

  • You resonate with my Core Values

Ready to be heard and empowered?



Initial Health Consultation (90 minutes)


Customized nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations based on a naturopathic, functional, and traditional Chinese medical assessment of your past and current health picture, including: 

  • digestion & gut health

  • detoxification

  • blood sugar regulation

  • adrenal function

  • thyroid health

  • sex hormone balance

  • brain health

  • immune function & inflammation

  • dietary & lifestyle habits

  • and more!


Return Health Consultations (60 minutes)

Modified nutrition, supplement and lifestyle recommendations are provided at the end of your consultation based on your progress and needs at that time. 

Ready to regain control of your health?


  1. You Deserve to be Healthy & Happy: No matter your past or what you’ve been led to believe, it’s your birthright to thrive!  Your health and happiness are waiting for you, and I want to help you create a new reality!  You deserve to feel good and enjoy life!

  2. You Can Change Your Health Destiny: Your genes don’t determine your fate and neither does your current health status!  You may have been told you'll have to live with your discomfort or condition for the rest of your life, but I know you can change the trajectory of your health, and it's never too late to start!  Health, including the expression of genes, is significantly impacted by your day-to-day choices, and therein lies the power—change your choices, and you change your health!

  3. Food Matters: Every time you eat, you are either feeding disease, or fighting it.  As Ann Wigmore so brilliantly articulated, "the food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison."  That’s why dietary considerations and nutrition are at the heart of every Wellness Plan I create.

  4. Health Requires a Commitment to Yourself: Truly achieving and maintaining higher states of health requires that you make a commitment to yourself.  No one can do the work for you.

  5. Everyone’s Journey is Different: You are unique, and so is your healing journey!  Don’t compare your progress or your journey to anyone else’s, and extend yourself the grace to make “mistakes” and get off track (mistakes are just opportunities to learn!).  As Wayne Dyer said, “In a world of individuals, comparison makes no sense at all.”

  6. I Want to Hear Your Story: I’m interested in learning where you’ve been and what you’ve experienced so I can better understand where you are now.  Your story is ripe with valuable information that will clue us into why you are dealing with your particular issues…and what to do about it.

  7. I’m Committed to Your Healing Process: I want you to reach all your health goals…and then some!  I invest time in you before, after, and between appointments, and I will work hard to help you reach the level of health you desire! 

  8. My Job is to Empower You: Knowledge is power!  Remember, the latin root for the word “doctor” means “to teach.”  I’m here to arm you with information and tools so you are empowered to regain control of your health.

  9. I Love to Play Detective: My job (and passion!) is to dig deep until we uncover the root cause(s) of your health imbalances and disharmonies.

  10. I Believe in Short-Term and  Long-Term Solutions: I want you to feel better as quickly as possible, but I also focus on helping you to rebuild and support your overall health so that you can prevent issues from arising.

  11. Your Successes Should be Celebrated: I believe it’s extremely important to celebrate your successes; after all, they are a result of your commitment and hard work (and I’ll never take credit for that!).

  12. I’ve Done My Job Well When You Don’t Need Me: I consider my work successful when you have reached a high level of health and are able to maintain it without my help.  In other words, I measure my success based on your level of autonomy.  I want you to feel confident and adept at navigating your day-to-day health!

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